Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

19 points is tough!!!

Hi ya's,

Just thought I'd update ya quick, not a lot to report accept from me being blimmin' hungry :'( I'm 11st 13lb and 2 weigh in's ago dropped down into the 11 stone bracket and therefore dropped a point.

19 points does not go far when you don't like Veg!! Normally I think I'd be ok as I'd get some activity points, but where i've not been to the gym recently, I'm struggling...badly lol!

I know this could probably be remedied by planning my meals better, but I'm full of cold and can't be arsed lol. Pretty much everyday I'm rolling in between 3 and 5 points over!! Managing to correct it by the end of the week but still, it's stressing me out!

Looking forward to WI as always, although it's ages away lol hoping I can get off the 0.5lb I gained last week, maybe a bit more. Though if my little going over points shenanigans continue I doubt that very much! It normally takes a week and a bit for my efforts at the gym to be appreciated on the scales too so don't hold out much hope if I'm honest :/ we'll see, no point fretting about it now eh?!

Me and Vic are hitting the gym hardcore tonight, even though I feel like crap. I hope I feel a bit better by tomorrow as have work in the afternoon :D don't think i've got anything booked it but I'm flat out Saturday so it'll give me a chance to get all my artwork ready.

Right I'm off to get some more paracetamol and get changed into my gym stuff, need to get some new joggers as my ones are huge on me now! Good times :)

Catch you laters potatas, Loz xxx


  1. Awwww good luck hun, I can understand 19 points being a nightmare!!!! Have you got far to go now?

  2. Sounds tough sweetie! hope you enjoyed the gym though. Hope your busy day distracts you from wanting to scoff all your points! xxx

  3. Hey Bryher, I do have quite a way to go yet yeah :'( I'm only 5ft 2 and so can go quite low weight wise. Everybody keeps saying I should stop at 10stone, others say 9ish but for some reason I have in my head 8st 7lb so over 3 stones to go yet. Eventually I will be around 16 points!!! No idea how I'm going to manage that, just by getting lots of Activity points I suppose lol. It's mainly cos my job is sitting down and I don't move around a lot and because of my height so that's why they're quite low. Never mind, I think i'll probably get used to it eventually lol! Hope you have a good week xx

    Gym was mega thank you Lexie, I really enjoyed it and laughed so much, I went with my best friend and she's an even bigger muppet than me and I spend a lot of time trying not to wet myself laughing at her! We're off there again tonight, Vic's trying to get a flat stomach lol makes me wonder if you're ever truly happy with yourself as she's a size 8! Hope you have a good day doll xxx