Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Not that bad :/

Well...back from WI, and only gained 0.5lb! Not been gym for 2 weeks due to my groin and back problem (drunken fool) and unstoppable comfort eating so I expected more. And I feel massive too so can't believe I've only gained that! Probably all catch up with me next week.

Want to take this opportunity to say Thank you again to Lexie for the kind messages I received this week. It's not gone unnoticed and I really do appreciate how lovely you are, so thank you :D

Also a thank you to Matt, Bill and my best friends for being so good when I'm a snappy, nasty bitch. I'm still very confused about how I feel at the mo. It's one of 2 things...It's either not sunk in yet..OR..I've got tough and this is it, no more tears?? If that's the case, who'd of funked it?! Me, Lauren...who crys at adverts, who crys everytime I go to Pets at Home, the same girl that broke down in the middle of ASDA when Brighteyes was played?! Who knows.

Anyway, had a good day yesterday I took my Dad down to work and tattooed him for a few hours, it still needs a bit of work but it's ok for now :D he sat like a rock!! Wish all my customers were as good lol! Have attached a picture but it's a very bad quality phone picture so I'm sorry about that, it looks much better in the flesh so to speak lol! It was a special day though in all seriousness, I've never tattooed my Dad before and we had a bit of a Father/Daughter bonding I think. He had a few tears while we were talking about my Nan and stuff...well I hope it was tears over that and not me hurting him!! Will explain the meaning behind the tattoo another day xx

Anyway have come home from WI and eaten AGAIN!! But am back at the gym tomorrow and that's it ________________________________________________

Line drawn. Starting afresh from tomorrow :D

Right I gotta go sleeps cos i'm falling asleep lol sorry if this has loads of spelling and grammar mistakes i'm so tired my brain is frazzled lol!

Muchas Loveage xxxxx


  1. Awww thank you sweetie :) You've no idea how much that means to me! Glad you feel a bit better. The inbetween bit is awful, was a simillar story with my Grandad.

    Your Dad's tattoo is gorgeous, I love old school ones like that. Thinking of having some swallows on my back, what you reckon? xxx

  2. No need to thank me doll :)

    I love swallows you should go for it :D I get so jealous of peoples tattoos lol we don't have time to tattoo each other cos we're just too busy :'( I've wanted my next tattoo done for months and months but not had the time, and I really should be concentrating on getting some of my bigger pieces finished lol.

    I'm off on a hen do on the 25th so I hope we manage to squeeze it in before I go! You can't go wrong with the old school style tattoos so swallows are a great choice :) xx