Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Why why why???

Right here's the thing....

I desperately want to lose the rest of the weight I have to lose
I do have a long way to go, sometimes I get cocky and think I don't but the truth is 1st 10lb is a lot!
I am not happy with the way I look or feel in and out of my clothes

And yet....

I am not tracking
I am not blogging
I am not eating properly
I am not going to the gym

What the hell am I playing at?!?!? I have no idea why i'm doing it to myself!! Me and Vic went Bluewater the other night and everything I tried on just looked SHIT and I've got nobody to blame but myself! I still haven't set an official goal. I THINK I'd like to get to 9 stone but who knows?


SORT YOUR LIFE OUT LOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my WI on Thursday, I've not been for a few weeks as I've been having a late night Thursdays at work. I'm looking forward to seeing how much I've put on and having a good old chat with Wendy to see if she can find something to motivate me.

Not much else going on in my world at the minute i'm afraid, although often no news is good news as the saying goes!!

Speak soon, Loveage xxxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm back...and I mean business!!!

Hey y'all

Well...2 months ago I made a pledge to blog more and I let everybody down, so for that I'm really sorry. I am however back now and ready to take responsibility for my weight loss...and my little blog.

Been doing ok weight wise...not brilliant but ok! Still not tracking which is shit and needs to change. I am still weighing in on a Thursday at Wendys group. My weight is now....10 stone 12.5lb!!!! I know I don't always sound pleased with what I've done so far but to be under 11 stone for the 1st time in years I must say I am extremely proud of myself :D

Have attached a recent picture, out on the lash last week and this is me and my baby brother :)

I still haven't decided on a goal weight, I THINK I might do another 1.5 stone, that'll take me to just under 9.5 stone, with regards to dress size I'm in a 12 now....only just but still!! So I'd like to be more comfortable in a 12 or be a big 10 I think...don't think I'll know how I feel until I get there I suppose!

Gonna do some measurements later and hopefully I'll be able to post the results and tell you how many inches I've lost so far :) right off now to watch a bit of X-Factor.

Lots of Love xxx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I'm sorry...again!

Right no more excuses, I WILL update my blog, at least once a week from now on!

I've been so bad with everything recently...eating, tracking, blogging you name it I've been pretty crap recently.

So not much else going on, since the last time I blogged I've lost a measly 1.5lb, shocking considering how much I have left to lose. Everybody is saying that my weigh loss was going to slow down and yes they're right I did expect that, but I thought I'd be much closer to goal before it happened.....WAIIIIIIITTTTTTT....that was a little bit of bullshit that just slipped out lol, nothing to do with it slowing down, nothing at all - it does however have everything to do with me eating everything in sight lol! Matt's been off work as he's slipped a disc in his back and it's thrown my routine right out. I love him being here I really do, but it is so difficult!!

I had a sneaky peek, naughty I know and the gym scales are saying a lb on :'( deserve it though and it will kick me up the rear if I have gained...will try and pull it back between now and Thursday if I can though! Anyway will update Thursday and let y'all know.

Take care of eachother xx Muchas Loveage xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back to Overweight lol!


Well after my mega gain from all that comfort eating, I tried really hard to stick to points and worked really hard with Vic in the gym. I've decided to go to the Thursday night WI at the sports centre and then I can go to the gym after, killing 2 birds with 1 stone I suppose :)

Anyway went this evening and I knew I HAD to get at least 4lb off to stop me from having a major fit. I had a sneaky peek on Sunday and I was weighing in at 11st 9lb - which was the 4lb off :) carried on working hard between now and then and it paid off, stepped on the scales and weighed in at 11st 6.5lb a 6.5lb loss!!! Very happy, this means i'm comfortably in the "overweight" range now rather than obese and it's the first time I've weighed under 11 and half stone for...omg I don't even know....a long long lonnnnng time.

I had another 1st this week...my 1st attempt at a Cycle Fit class aka Spin aka Hell - Oh my f@ckin god...it was so hard!! I've barely been able to sit down for 3 days due to a sore bum and mookie! We're gonna try another class and see how we get on cos my poor old Vic didn't get on very well at all bless her.

Anyway I wandered off and watched Big Brother and now i'm shattered so I'm gonna leave this here for now and catch up with you over the weekend hopefully :)

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend, look after each other and take care xxx Love xxx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Holy Schmokes!!!!

Back from weigh in....4lb ON!!!!!!! If I'm completely honest I was expecting a gain, but NOT 4lb!! Massive kick up my big fat arse and back on the low points tomorrow. Might try a few more "filling foods" as my appetite has been something else this week - ohhhh shit now that also means i'm back to obese!!! :'( awww crap, I'm disappointed in myself but there's no point dwelling on it I suppose...what's done is done :D back in the gym tomorrow.

Have attached a picture from Sophies party that I went to last night. Had a great night...had loads to eat - and I'm shocked at putting on weight?!?!?!? lol funnily enough I looked at this and thought WOW really starting to notice the difference - what a plonker!

Never mind... right here's my line


And here's to a fresh start and a big loss next week wooooohooooo!!! xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'm Overweight WOOOHOOOOO!!

Hey Everybody,

Well never did I think I'd be so happy to say those words...but I am ecstatic to report that i'm Overweight so that means that i'm no longer obese!! With my latest loss of 1.5lb (still slightly disappointed :/ lol) it takes my BMI to 29.4 so only just but in that group all the same!!

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight = under 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Had a super high day points wise today... insatiable appetite!! So tomorrow I'm gonna try my very bestest to come in well under so I can (hopefully) break even lol. Not sure if Vic and Me are gyming it tomoz, we've been every night so far this week and I'm aching lol! Also the River Island sale starts in-store tomorrow so I might pop up Bluewater quick and try on a playsuit :/ lol on a serious note tho I'm loving the shopping!! Not having to worry that the biggest size a shop does is not going to fit is an amazing feeling :D

Right bath and bed for me, take care of each other xx Muchas Loveage :D xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

On it hardcore styleeeee!

Right I'm back...back in the mood to get skinny woohooooo!! So as I blogged last, I missed WI last week :( I did go to Boots on Friday and had a SP in there and it said I was 11st 7lb (my last WI I was 11st 10lb) so I was expecting a loss of at least 3lb this week....guess what? Got to WI and only 1.5lb off :/ still good I know but....that's 2 weeks!! 1.5lb in 2 weeks is crap!!! So like I said at the beginning I have kicked myself up the arse and I'm gonna have a mega loss next week :D

Off to the gym tonight, and hopefully tomorrow and thursday. Still waiting for Miss Spensley to put the photos from the weekend up on Facebook so I can pinch some to show ya's. The Wedding reception was good, Carrie looked stunning! I wore a dress that I brought on Friday from River Island, I was dead nervous about wearing it as it's quite revealing but I thought sod it and wore it anyway! Have another wedding reception in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna wear it again...need to wear it as much as possible to justify the amount it cost lol!

Right sorry I don't have any more interesting news :/ will be updating a lot from now on, hoping that will help me stay on track :D best be off I'm meeting Vic in the gym car park in an hour and I've got to sort Bill out and get changed yet lol!

Take care everybody!! xx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Missed WI :'(

Hey everybody,

Well...had a fab weekend away for Carries Hen do in Minehead, was struck down with a badass water infection on the Saturday so that got me down a bit :'( but still was a good weekend. Everyone looked mega in their Cavewoman outfits....I will try and upload a photo when Dennie puts them up on FB.

Came home on Sunday and was looking forward to going to WI yesterday (Mon) but it turned in to an absolute nightmare of a day when we went to look at a new car! We got stuck in a load of traffic and my water infection meant that of course I was busting for a wee...in between me screaming at Matt (because this situation was all his fault!) and crying cos of belly ache I looked at the time 7:25 and we're still in the deep dark depths of Essex! I had to stop at Bluewater for a wee and by this time had well and truly missed WI, not a happy girl! So...I could go to a Thursday night meeting but it's a different leader and I don't really want to do that so I'm going to leave it now until next Monday. Cor that Matt has got some making up to do!

So we get our new car tonight and we say goodbye to the Green Goddess, she's done well but I feel it's time to let her go. Although our new car is not technically new I'm gonna be dead nervous driving it....the GG is so old and battered it didn't really matter if i'd have a scrape...not that I ever have (except when I reversed into that wall :/ lol) but with this one it's all shiny lol! I'm sure I'll be alright after a couple of drives :D

Picked up Bill's photos from Nursery, OMG I really do think I have the most beautiful child in the world! Flippin' gorgeous!!

Anyhoooo I best be off, need to point what I've eaten so far so I can get back in the habit. Hopefully I'll have a nice big loss next Monday as will be 2 weeks worth. Probably get back to y'all before then though all being well.

Muchas Loveage xxxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

30.5lbs down!

Wow...I can't quite believe it! My grand total of lb's lost so far 30.5!!!! My next mini goal is to get my 50lb certificate - I know 19.5lb is not really a mini goal as it's obviously nearly 1 and a half stone and by no means is it gonna be easy. But that's what I've got my eye on now lol.

Ideally I'd like to try and shift a good few lb's before Bill goes up to big school, which is 11 weeks away, I'm going to try my absolute very best to get another stone off...hope I can do it, OR at the very least I'd like to be under 11 stone. OMG that sounds mental, under 11 stone!!!! 10 Stone something...wow lol!

Really should be getting us out in the sunshine but my TOTM is crippling me :'( I have to go to the gym tonight and do at least 35 mins of high intensity workout to balance my going over my points yesterday. Remember my post the other week about how hard 19 points is?? Well it also means that I can't really have a takeaway curry any more as the only one I really like works out 21.5 (including half a naan and a poppadum) and then you've obviously got Breakfast and Lunch points to go on top. I wasn't going to have it but Bill loves it and we share a tray of curry and rice but from now on I think I'll stick to Chicken Kebabs if I'm gonna have a takeaway!!

Right I'm rambling now so I'm gonna get up off my arse and get moving, laters potatas xx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Me and Vic :D

Well this is us in 40 years! lol We're **hang on a minute - watching the new Diana Vickers music video and the bloke in it is FIT!!!** Wowzers, sorry about that :/ beautiful, beautiful creature he is! We're???? Hmmm totally forgotten what I was gonna say lol

Vic has done some investigation work and found my blog, I feel like a proud mother lol. I'm a internet investigator/stalker call it what you want. Basically I use the net to find out interesting shit about people lol. Just to clarify this is a hobby not my actual job lol I just gave myself that title lol! But I must say I also feel a bit strange about her finding it lol dunno why just do...so I thought as she'll probably read this (unless of course she found the whole thing totally boring and never revisits) that I'd tell you all about her and what she means to me :)

Vic to me is....

My best friend...
One of the funniest girls I've ever met...
Extremely beautiful...
She's 27 and an Aries...
Very loyal...
Very clever...not so good at the punctuation and grammar but still very bright, she even has a degree!!!...
A realist...
A very good runner!!...
My new gym buddy...
A bride to be and is getting married in Las Vegas next year...
Always there when I need her...
A T.V addict...well not so much an addict but she loves certain programs and will not be disturbed whilst watching them lol...
Loves baths and reading in them...

So they're just a few things about Vicky that I love.

Anyway we've been going at it in the gym like hardcore machines! We've both learnt that we can run wooohooo and we do so in small intervals, 30 seconds here, 1 minute 18 seconds there...it all adds up! Vic totally loves the abdominal crunchy machine and goes like a wild thing on it, busting out 150 reps! I've found this new leg pushy weight machine and I quite like that, though have been warned by Vic that Dennie caused herself an injury on said machine last week so I'm to be wary.

Under 2 hours to WI and I can not freakin' wait!!!!!! Even if it's not the result I'm hoping for (complete lie) I know that I'm bound to be rewarded for my efforts at the gym next week. I put on 1/2 a lb last week so it's very important for me to get that off at least. I will update Weigh in's so far when I get home as well as find my Pet Hates post as that seems to have gone walkabouts.

Think that will be it for blogging this week as I have quite a busy week, Nan's funeral Wednesday and I'm off on Carries hen do on friday but if I can get back to update I will :D

Muchas Loveage, take care of yourselves xxx
and Vic...I love you, more than you could ever know, thank you for always being there for me. xxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

19 points is tough!!!

Hi ya's,

Just thought I'd update ya quick, not a lot to report accept from me being blimmin' hungry :'( I'm 11st 13lb and 2 weigh in's ago dropped down into the 11 stone bracket and therefore dropped a point.

19 points does not go far when you don't like Veg!! Normally I think I'd be ok as I'd get some activity points, but where i've not been to the gym recently, I'm struggling...badly lol!

I know this could probably be remedied by planning my meals better, but I'm full of cold and can't be arsed lol. Pretty much everyday I'm rolling in between 3 and 5 points over!! Managing to correct it by the end of the week but still, it's stressing me out!

Looking forward to WI as always, although it's ages away lol hoping I can get off the 0.5lb I gained last week, maybe a bit more. Though if my little going over points shenanigans continue I doubt that very much! It normally takes a week and a bit for my efforts at the gym to be appreciated on the scales too so don't hold out much hope if I'm honest :/ we'll see, no point fretting about it now eh?!

Me and Vic are hitting the gym hardcore tonight, even though I feel like crap. I hope I feel a bit better by tomorrow as have work in the afternoon :D don't think i've got anything booked it but I'm flat out Saturday so it'll give me a chance to get all my artwork ready.

Right I'm off to get some more paracetamol and get changed into my gym stuff, need to get some new joggers as my ones are huge on me now! Good times :)

Catch you laters potatas, Loz xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Well I never!

Well...had my first trip to the gym after a 2 week break, for those of you that don't know I had a rather unfortunate incident with a Bucking Bronco whilst completely wrecked and managed to almost cripple myself :/ I'm still not 100% right but I feel ok enough to start back gently :D

The gym has been promising to open up the "New and Exciting £1.2 million Gymnasium" for months and tonight, when I'm there on my own and totally unprepared...it's open!! I didn't know where the hell I was going, could hardly remember a thing the man had taught me in my induction and wandered around a bit like a fart in a trance lol! Anyhoooo it was TOUGH!! Who'd of thought just a couple of weeks would make such a difference, I was sweating and swearing all over the place!

Got this cool new "SmartCard" basically a new membership card that you pop into each machine - these fancy new machines have Freeview built in!! How exciting?!?! Sorry...back to the SmartCard, yeah you pop the card in and it brings up a personal programme just for you. It records and tracks your progress and they email you every week with the results of your workouts. Bloody amazing I think!!! And the new bit smells well nice...smells like new carpet :D wonder how long it takes before it starts to smell like an old foot??

I'm back there again tomorrow, I'm gonna try and look cool tomorrow and not like a complete rocket like I did tonight lol!

Bill didn't go to nursery this morning, we both felt like shit :( my throat is killing and he's full of cold...AGAIN!! I swear that boy has little to no immune system! But he's going tomorrow instead, they have a photographer coming so it'll be his first set of school (well nursery but you know) photos...how cute!? He's gonna love it, the little poser loves having his photo taken lol dunno where he gets that from!

Right I best get out of here, watching Michael McIntyre Live and Laughing on Comedy Central and I need to calm down cos I'm actually laughing out really really loud!! I really should be getting to bed as up at the crack of dawn for nursery but never mind.

Speak soon everybody, take care and be awesome to each other xx Loz xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Not that bad :/

Well...back from WI, and only gained 0.5lb! Not been gym for 2 weeks due to my groin and back problem (drunken fool) and unstoppable comfort eating so I expected more. And I feel massive too so can't believe I've only gained that! Probably all catch up with me next week.

Want to take this opportunity to say Thank you again to Lexie for the kind messages I received this week. It's not gone unnoticed and I really do appreciate how lovely you are, so thank you :D

Also a thank you to Matt, Bill and my best friends for being so good when I'm a snappy, nasty bitch. I'm still very confused about how I feel at the mo. It's one of 2 things...It's either not sunk in yet..OR..I've got tough and this is it, no more tears?? If that's the case, who'd of funked it?! Me, Lauren...who crys at adverts, who crys everytime I go to Pets at Home, the same girl that broke down in the middle of ASDA when Brighteyes was played?! Who knows.

Anyway, had a good day yesterday I took my Dad down to work and tattooed him for a few hours, it still needs a bit of work but it's ok for now :D he sat like a rock!! Wish all my customers were as good lol! Have attached a picture but it's a very bad quality phone picture so I'm sorry about that, it looks much better in the flesh so to speak lol! It was a special day though in all seriousness, I've never tattooed my Dad before and we had a bit of a Father/Daughter bonding I think. He had a few tears while we were talking about my Nan and stuff...well I hope it was tears over that and not me hurting him!! Will explain the meaning behind the tattoo another day xx

Anyway have come home from WI and eaten AGAIN!! But am back at the gym tomorrow and that's it ________________________________________________

Line drawn. Starting afresh from tomorrow :D

Right I gotta go sleeps cos i'm falling asleep lol sorry if this has loads of spelling and grammar mistakes i'm so tired my brain is frazzled lol!

Muchas Loveage xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well after doing so well getting better, my Nan took another turn for the worse and went back into Intensive Care. This afternoon she passed away while I was at her bedside with my Mum and Dad and my Auntie, I keep on crying :'( can't stop in fact. Nor can I seem to stop eating, not bothered to be honest though.

Had a long old walk out tonight, was walking for around an hour and a half roughly. Had to get out of the house after an incident with a tube of tomato puree nearly pushed me over the edge lol! Matt's being ever so good bless him, I love him so so much and Bill's taking it all in his stride after I've explained that Mummy's sad and crying cos Nanny Lil's gone to heaven, apparently according to Bill she's going to be chilling out with Nanny Mary lol bless him!

My back is still feeling sore and tight so gonna try and attempt a tiny bit at the gym tomorrow, I haven't been for over a week and a half now..naughty naughty!! Though Matt's understanding that I've had other things on my mind and going to and fro the hospital I've not really had the time. Although I definitely need to step up the exercise as my loss of 1lb this week was less than impressive! Hopefully if I get back to the gym it might lead to a better loss next week.

Right gonna get myself off to bed, probably won't sleep but have to give it a go...just wanna say one more thing - mainly to raise awareness, my Nan died from a condition that arose from her contracting Hepatitis whilst on holiday that f'ed her liver up. Exactly how she contracted it we'll never be sure...Ice, Salad washed in tap water...who knows? However.... If she had had the correct inoculations this more than likely could of been prevented. When you book a holiday you're advised by your Travel Consultant to check with your GP as to what vaccinations you should have - PLEASE, PLEASE do this, I know I for one am guilty of only making sure they're up to date when I'm going long haul. I'm sure my Nan probably thought "it's only Turkey, I'll be ok" turned out not to be ok at all.

I never ever want to have to see another person I love die in front of my eyes, I know everybody has to go sooner or later but would prefer it to be later...and with as little pain and suffering as humanly possible. To be honest I'm not sure the whole thing has sunk in yet. Thank you to all of you that have had us in your thoughts. It means ever so much.

Will update on Monday with my WI result, not sure if I'll get to you before then, will have to wait and see what my mood is like I think.

Be awesome to each other and remember life is too short...too short to spend these..the best days of our lives putting our health in danger by being over weight - more determined than ever to get this weight off!!

Lots of Love, Lauren xxxxx

R.I.P Nan, Love you forever Little Lady xxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Not very exciting I'm afraid

Hi ya's,

Just back from weigh in, lost 1lb :/ not sure how I feel about it really. Not sure about anything at the moment.

Think I best leave it there for today and try and be a better blogger tomoz...sorry everybody.

Loz xx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life forrrr meeee and I'm feellling good!

Righty o - firstly thank you to everybody that wished my little old Nan better cos it absolutely blimming worked!!! She's still in Intensive Care but is on the mend and even sat up and spoke, she only managed to mutter "Val get me the f*** out of here" lol bless her. So yeah thank you, means so very much that people are so kind :D

Right just had the old Weigh In....FABULOUS NEWS!!!!! 4lb off, gave me my 10% and got me under 12 stone for oh my god..I don't even know the last time I weighed in under 12st!!! I'm so happy. Also got my 3rd Silver 7 (although I've actually lost 27.5lb as lost 4.5lb on my own before I joined) Had a massive, massive blow out last night, have pointed it all and I ended up 10 points over for the week but because it is my WI today it's reset :/ so not sure what to do with that?!

I've really hurt my back, can hardly move today and was nearly in tears walking up Vic's stairs to the flat, stupid drunk me on a Buckin' bronco....I have seriously F'ed myself up! Won't be doing that again! Anyways I'm off to go and put my 10% keyring on my keys...GEEK! lol

Catch you laters potatas :D Loveage xx

Thursday, 27 May 2010


My little Nan is in Intensive Care :'( and it's not looking great for her. I went to see her last night and she looks so sweet and tiny too, just looks like she's sleeping. I came home and I just wanted to eat and came close last night to having a massive binge but managed to stop at 5.5 points worth of crap. I did go for a 2 hour walk to try and clear my head so I might of clocked up some Activity Points to cover it.

Life is so f*cked up sometimes, my Nan is so tough both mentally and physically...I don't get how someone can be fine one minute, then laying in a coma the next?? I know she's not been happy since my Grandad died...who would be when they've lost the love of their life? But I don't want her to go yet :'( can't stand the thought of my Dad's heart being broken again.

Anyway gonna pop back up to the hospital tonight and go to the gym after I think, see how I feel...it might do me good :) not looking forward to weigh in on Sunday but it's gotta be done I suppose.

On a positive note I'm so excited that Vic has joined the gym, we went the other night and OMG I've not laughed like that for so long. Think Vic going too might give me the kick up the bum I need at the mo :)

Will update WI's so far on Sunday xx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Oh ball bags!

As per title really...chuffing bloody ball bags! Went to weigh in and stayed the flippin' same! Tsk! Walked round Margate all day complaining I was cold and I'm burnt to a bleedin' crisp, and I had a racer back on...damn you tan/burn lines!! So yeah not a happy one lol although I am blaming my STS on my period like I said I would :D

I am finding myself wishing my life away, I can not wait for the next weigh in - this needs to stop right now. I dunno how to get over it though?!

Well it's my 27th Birthday on Tuesday :'( and I'm not too sure what I'm gonna be doing...pretty sure it's gonna involve some booze and general rock star behaviour so that's good lol! I'm getting a new tattoo for my bday from Sammy so I'm dead excited! Will post a picture once it's done, not sure when we'll get round to actually doing it cos we're so busy at the moment.

Anyways I'm outta here, got to cook myself something to eat, I'm really hungry and gonna start picking if I don't have something "proper" soon!

Will update in the week, let y'all know what's going on :D

Muchas Loveage xxxx

Friday, 21 May 2010

You'd think I'd learn

Oh dear, over eaten tonight on a HUGE scale. Not just once but twice!! I am bloated and very uncomfortable :(

From now on I am definitely going to be using one of Bill's little plates for my dinners. Absolutely no need for me to eat the way I do I'm just gluttonous, a habit I really do have to change!

I'm not hopeful for this weeks WI, I've stuck to points all week but just have a baaaad feeling about it. I have my TOTM threatening and I am gonna blame it on that if I haven't lost lol! Only need 0.5lb to get my 10% I'll be stoked if I get that. So y'all keep your fingers for me ok?! Cheers :D xx

So, think I'm gonna head off to bed for an early night as I have work tomorrow woohoo!! I had a busy day today, some well dodgy skin and some customers were a bit overbearing :0/ lol, but got there in the end. My first customer of the day was so sweet and made me feel kinda sad. I tattooed a cancer ribbon on her outer wrist and grey shaded it. It was grey for Brain Cancer Awareness, she was saying how she lost her husband to this last year...he was only 46. She has two young sons and I felt so sorry for her...she didn't want or need me to, but she was so lovely I couldn't help but feel sad. She went on to explain that he was in fact her second hubby, the first passed away just 3 weeks after they married, from an undiagnosed heart condition - he was just 31!! So tragic, but she was so happy when she left and although not her first tattoo, she said it was her favourite so far and it clearly meant so much to her so I was happy too :)

Hopefully we'll have some happy stories tomorrow.

So yeah I did say I was off to bed didn't I? lol I go off track so easily!

I'm definitely going now lol Night Night xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Can't believe I'm going to do this! Hope you're not eating!!

Right here they are, this is me tonight - 23.5lb lighter than when I started. Please excuse my hideous face i'm pulling, think that's a mixture between OMG what the F am I doing? and pure exhaustion!

Tried to do one from behind but lucky for you's the camera batteries ran out...even they'd had enough! Anyway hoping this will be an incentive for me as these are so bad, my thighs especially need a shed load of work!!! Didn't realise how bad they were!

Ohh and loving that random bit of sticky up hair I've got going on...I'm so rock n roll eh?!

Right don't unfollow me lol I promise you won't get another one of these until I'm a stone lighter...hopefully it won't be quite so offensive on the eyes!

Love Love xx

Wow...12st 3.5lb eh?! Who'da funked it??

Back from the gym and waiting for my WW Double Choc Brownie to get to room temperature - Honestly I should get paid for advertising the amount of times I've mentioned these the last fortnight!

Anyway updating my tracker with my activity points and it's now giving me less points for the exercise I've been doing as I weigh less, I'm burning fewer calories...makes sense. I was looking on there and it says "Your current tracked weight is 12st 4lb" (they do whole lb's on the activity tracker) I looked at it and thought..Oh my god am I really 12st 4lb? I actually had to check and there it is...in my little book 12st 3.5lb, massive sense of pride has just washed over me. I am doing really well and I am really, really proud of myself!!

I have still such a long way to go but I don't care, I'm on my way and that's the most important thing eh?!

And I know I've said it before but for all of you that believe in me...Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And for those of you that are waiting for me to fail....cheers, it's knob heads like you that give me that extra little push :D

Oooooh almost forgot have attached a few more "fat" photos, gonna be brave and get Matt to take my first Bikini picture tonight and if I'm feeling brave I'll add that too. **Shits oneself** lol.

Adios Amigos xx Loz xx

P.S - Look AWFUL in those pictures, we're in Bognor and it's the morning after the night before and I was still drunk and felt like poop!! But still you'll get the idea, and these photos I believe are from 2008 I don't know exactly how much I weighed then...A LOT by the looks of it lol! x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 points 3 schmoints!!

Well last week I discovered the WW Double Chocolate Brownies, this week I ate copious amounts of them lol! Honestly they have been my saviour, worth every point! Normally I wouldn't have anything as high as 3 points as a treat but these are definitely the exception! ASDA have them on offer at the moment 97p for 2 and I made sure I took full advantage this week buying 4 boxes!

Just home from weigh in and very pleased, I lost 1.5lb :D however I was secretly hoping for 2lb as that would of taken me to 12st 3lb and I would of got my 10% still 1.5lb is not to be sniffed at, and is still a good loss. Hopefully get my 10% and a bit more next week lol!

Don't really know where this week went, seems to have flown by! Not much to report at all, it's been a bit boring to be honest lol. Had a FAB day at work on Saturday, some great customers in, and I was pleased that Trish was so happy with my progress.

Considering changing my weigh in day to Monday, the Monday one is so much closer I can walk there rather than drive. It's the same leader Emma and I really like her so I'd like to stick with one of her groups. That and I think it's a better day for Jana as she likes to chill out on a Sunday evening lol! She'll always pick Dennie up so she should be ok for Mondays too.

Anyhoo gonna get myself off and get drawing, I've been really really naughty recently and I need to draw as I'm getting lazy and also forgetting how to draw things!? Don't know how that's possible but it took me over 20 minutes the other day to draw a rose! Crazy!!

Night peeps, stay awesome :D Loz xxx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

200 Golf Balls lost so far!


One of the kind people on the WW message board kindly posted this for me and I LOVE it!! I think sometimes we can forget how well we're doing, and it helps if we can relate the amount into everyday objects that you can go and pick up....not that an Elephants willy is an everyday object, nor would you probably want to pick one up....but ya know what I mean ;)

1 pound = a Guinea Pig
2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs
3 pounds = an average human brain
4 pounds = an ostrich egg
5 pounds = a Chihuahua
6 pounds = a human’s skin
7.5 pounds = an average newborn
8 pounds = a human head
10 pounds= An average Gallon of paint
11 pounds = an average housecat
12 pounds = a Bald Eagle
15 pounds = 10 dozen large eggs (or 120 eggs)
16 pounds = a sperm whale’s brain
20 pounds = a car tyre
22 pounds = 200 golf balls - This is what I've lost so far :)
24 pounds = a 3-gallon tub of super premium ice cream
25 pounds = an average 2 year old
26 pounds = average weight of a Koala Bear
30 pounds = Average Vacuum Cleaner *21st June 2010 and I've now lost 30.5lb!!*
31 pounds = Average amount of manure produced by a horse each day
33 pounds = a cinder block
36 pounds = a mid-size microwave
40 pounds = a 5-gallon bottle of water or an average human leg
44 pounds = an elephant’s heart
50 pounds = a small bale of hay
55 pounds = a 5000 BTU air conditioner
60 pounds = an elephant’s penis (yep, weighs more than his heart!)
65 pounds = Lotus Mk3 – Aluminium Body Shell
68 pounds = 40” Sony Bravia Widescreen TV
70 pounds = an Irish Setter
77 pounds = a gold brick
80 pounds = the World’s Largest Ball of Tape
90 pounds = a newborn calf
100 pounds = a 2 month old horse
110 pounds = Mature Rough Fell Ewe
117 pounds = an average fashion model (and she’s 5’11”)
118 pounds = the complete Encyclopaedia Britannica
120 pounds = amount of trash you throw away in a month
130 pounds = a newborn giraffe
140 pounds = Ricky Hatton (Boxer / May 2009)
144 pounds = an average adult woman (and she’s 5’4”)
150 pounds = the complete Oxford English Dictionary
187 pounds = an average adult man
200 pounds = Vespa Moped
235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger
300 pounds = an average football lineman
400 pounds = a Welsh pony

Gonna print this out and stick it on my fridge...cos I'm a geek like that lol! Dennie popped round yesterday and reckons you can really see I've lost some weight now, so that cheered me up...that and that her Mum thinks I look like Sandra Bullock, can't be bad eh?! I used to get told I looked like loads of different people when I was skinny, Louise Nerding/Rednapp, Martine McCutcheon (sp?) neither of which do I bear the slightest resemblance lol! But Sandra's a new one...I know one thing for sure and that's that I'm looking OLD! :'(

Having a couple of hungry days this week, but hoping bumping up the gym a notch will compensate for any over point days. And they're not over by ridiculous amounts just 1 or 2 here and there. So fingers crossed!!!

Right I best go do some housework, got dinner at my Dads tonight as my Mum is on holiday AGAIN, first time I've been round for dinner since me and my Mum fell out and I'm well looking forward to one of my Dads dinners, they're lush! Though extremely fattening so gonna have some 0 point soup for lunch and then gym it afterwards!

Muchas Loveage, Lauren xxxxxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Thank F for that!!!! :)

Hey Peoples,

Just back fresh from Weigh In....3lb loss!!! Woop Woop!! Double chuffed and it's pulled me right out of my sulk.

Gonna treat myself to a new vest this week, to go with my Laura Lee's skirt - this is the Laura Lee's skirt I brought about 6 months ago from Ebay that has never fit before. When I first brought it, I couldn't get it past my knees. On Saturday I wore said skirt to work!!!!

Good week for me...eventually lol! Sorry again for being a totally tool the other day.

So so happy, thank you for those of you's that do actually believe in me :)

Love xx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm an idiot...don't listen to me

As per title really lol! I am a complete moron sometimes and I make mistakes and idle threats. I'm not going to give up now...I can't, what would the point in that be? It would make me feel better for ohh I dunno 2 weeks while I was stuffing my face with all my favourite things, but after that 2 weeks was up I'd feel like shit.


Wouldn't fit in any of my new clothes

Would of proved everybody right by failing AGAIN! lol

And I would of let Bill down...by being the Fat Mum

That boy is the single most important person in my life. I have to do this to ensure I'm healthy, and happy and that I don't give him these ridiculous "food issues" that my Mum has given to me. Now don't get me wrong I'm not blaming me being fat entirely on my Mother, she didn't force food down my throat lol but there are issues I have now, that I don't think were helped by my Mum's obsessive behaviour regarding food and weight.

Anyyyyhooo so this is basically my apology for acting like a right rocket the other night, got my knickers in a right old twist didn't I?! lol I was in a foul mood....not that you probably noticed :P

Went to the gym tonight, first time this week which is selfish and to be honest I'll be shocked if I have a loss on Sunday. I have stayed within points all week so far, but I have been hungry constantly as I've eaten a lot of shit that's been high points and filling for about 5 minutes.

Right, gonna bid y'all goodnight, got a feeling i'm gonna be up with Bill tonight as we left Jamesy (James is Bill's Orang-utan comfort that he's had for years) at my Sisters house and it's the first night he's not had him since he was about 14 months old! Cripes!

Hopefully no dramas between now and Sunday, but if there are you'll be the first to know :)

Muchas Loveage, Loz xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

T'was inevitable

Hi ya's

That's it...I've had enough, don't want to do it anymore! Should of gone to the gym last night but didn't because...??? No reason, no reason at all why I didn't go, no excuse, just couldn't be arsed cos i'm a fat, lazy bitch.

Already I don't want to go tonight either. I don't want to be this fat, I honestly don't. I know that this whole blog seems to be contradictory but I've just had enough now. I'm never gonna be able to eat what I want to eat, I tried having a few pringles last night, I had about 8 in all I think but it just gave me the arse! Not because I was upset I'd eaten them but because I wanted more and I couldn't have them!

Feel like crying this morning, I'm trying really really hard and getting nowhere! And all this "I'm not worried about STS" bullshit!! I am worried...worried I'm gonna be doing this for the rest of my life!

Probably will go to the gym tonight, cos don't think I can take much more of that dirty look Matt gives me when I say I'm not going. Can understand why he gets the shits, it's alot of money....and I know that if we were a bit better off he'd love to go to the gym but we can only afford for one of us to go.

HOWEVER....If i'm staying within my points, which I am...I SHOULD be losing weight regardless of exercise - but I'm not!? Gonna go WI Sunday and unless i've had a big loss, i'm chucking it in, yup just like I always do. Always been a failure, everybody's waiting for me to mess up...Why break the habit of a lifetime?

Just to clarify a big loss to me is 2lb or more, not asking for alot for crying out loud!

Laters x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Happy Days :D


Hope you've all had a great BH weekend, had my weigh in last night and I've STS the little dude who weighed me said I'd lost 1/2 a lb but when I looked I think he made a mistake :/ never mind...better than a gain eh!?

We decided to go to Greenwich Park today as Matt was off work and it's only 20 minutes drive so thought it'd be nice to go and feed the squirrels and dirty pigeons. The boys popped down the shop and brought some monkey nuts and some peanuts and off we went!

We took the camera and got some gorgeous photos of Bill, and done a fair bit of walking too. We all had a good day, Bill was so cute with the squirrels :D have attached a photo taken today and I love it! I can defo notice a difference in my face shape and Bill is such a little stunner!

Don't really know what i'm gonna do differently this week in order to get a better result weight wise as really thought the last 2 weeks I couldn't get any better! I'm still pointing EVERYTHING that passes my lips, I rarely go over points, unless of course I've specifically earned BP's to allow for it. Might try stepping the gym up another notch and see how things go.

Anyway I'm gonna have an early night I think, all that fresh air has taken it out of me....though saying that a programme I set a reminder for has just come on, The Worlds Fattest Families with Mark Dolan - I love his little documentaries so might have to stay up and watch it lol!

Will update during the week I reckon :)

Ni-Night xxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

I have hips!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I'm really sorry for my little emotional breakdown about Bill the other night, he seems much better now and hasn't mentioned anything in the last 30 hours or so, I'm hoping that he's forgotten about it for now.

Right WI this evening, looking forward to it - although we all know how messed up our bodies can be, so although I've been super good all week doesn't necessarily mean I'm in for a loss! But would be a nice boost if I have as I've worked really hard in the gym and not gone over points at all :)

Had a bit of a NSV the other night though, I was laying in bed and I was pinching all my inches and and could definitely notice a difference in the amount of flab I have now compared to a few months ago :D not only that but while having a good old prod I prodded something hard...I'VE FOUND MY HIP BONES AGAIN!!!!! I have not been able to feel my actual bones for years! Albeit they're still smothered in a fair few inches of fat, they're definitely in there! So not much of an NSV but still it bloody cheered me up lol!

Had a great day at work yesterday and friday, had some really lovely customers in. Didn't take my camera to work with me so no photos unfortunately...bit gutted really as used some different techniques for colours and they looked really cool, will hopefully be seeing them again though so will grab a pic when they come back :)

Right I'm off, need to get dressed and ready to go out if we decide to do something this afternoon...that's if this poxy rain ever stops, it's getting on my nerves already!

Will update "Weigh In's so far" tonight when I get back from my meeting...keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Muchas Loveage xxx

Friday, 30 April 2010

Don't know what to do!?

Nothing to do with WW or WI's or NSV's or SP's

Oh dear, at a time that I really wish my Mum could help me I'm afraid that her "Old School" attitude to childrens upbringings may cause another row. I have a problem with Bill :'( he has been so sad...and I mean like genuinely sad since waking up to a bad dream on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. He dreamt that he was drowning...he's 4 years old!? How does he even know what that is!? I don't remember telling him nor does Matt. Trouble is he's so clever and quite often i'm guilty of forgetting that he's not the little old man he sounds like sometimes and he is just a baby, and I can go into quite graphic detail when explaining things when I should just try and change the subject - just the other day we had a massive conversation on the environment and climate change! :0/ So now i'm trying to think back to if we've ever had a conversation about drowning and I'm terrified I've told him what it is and planted this seed in his little mind :'(

Anyway it's really done something to him, he's tearful and when I give him a cuddle and ask him what's wrong he just keeps saying that his dream keeps popping into his head and he's scared. I know him inside out...he's my son and I know when he's milking something for a bit of attention and when he's genuinely upset and it's breaking my heart...I don't know what to do.

At the moment he's saying a) He never wants to sleep again as he's scared he'll have the dream again - he already has a dream catcher so we've given it a magic shake and moved it closer to him in a hope that helps, obviously I know as an adult this won't do anything but he really thinks it will :) bless him! and b) that he never wants to go swimming again as he's so scared of drowning...I don't want to push him but I don't want this to become some sort of phobia?

I really feel for the first time that i'm letting him down...I really don't know what to do, sitting here in tears typing this! Daft mare! He has alot going on at the moment, starting "Big School" in September - although he says he's excited about this I can imagine that it can be quite worrying, he's very sensitive and I know he's a little thinker so not sure if that's causing this? I honestly can not bare to see his little lip quiver and his voice break as he tries to be brave and not cry when we're talking. I'm not sure where this not wanting to cry has come from either.

I know if I ask my Mum she's gonna say something ridiculous but me sitting here getting in a state is just as ridiculous! He was up in the night a few times last night and I sat with him and just whispered to him that Mummy was there and I'd never let anything happen to him etc and we spent the whole of yesterday talking about how he never has to worry etc etc but I can see something is still not sitting right with him.

Sorry for this - just don't know who to ask....I want to be super Mum and I'm not :'( trying so so hard.....please help me xxx

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Righty O here goes my list of things that I hate, I can only think of a few at the moment..unusual for me as I'm normally moaning about something or other lol. Will update as and when I remember things that piss me off.

  1. People who refer to themselves as a 3rd person.
  2. People that refuse to use these little things we have called manners
  3. People who talk to you with their eyes shut.
  4. People that are awkward on the phone...it's a phone FUCKING TALK!
  5. People hitting their kids or being unduly aggressive to their kids in front of me, don't do it or I'm likely to say something not very nice to you. People that bully their kids should give them to someone that will love and cherish them and not treat them like shit.
  6. People that tell ME how I feel.
  7. Shit actresses/actors. - Especially Rai from Hollyoaks.
  8. A few songs make me want to scream - Angels by Robbie Williams, Red Red Wine..infact anything by UB40. Oh What a night - don't know who sings this but it's shit and it makes me mad.
  9. People that are pretending to listen to what you're saying but you can see that it's going in one ear and out the other - if what I'm saying is of no interest to you I'd much rather you just say.
Think that's enough hating for now lol

Lovage xx

Monday, 26 April 2010


Right enough of all this f@cking around - scuse my language :/ BUT.....I'm doing ok, but you know what I was doing great! I've gone back through my weight/points tracker to the weeks where I lost 3.5lb and 4lbs consecutively to see what I was eating, to say I was surprised is an understatement. I was eating loads more than I am now...and I mean loads. Not only that but it was all well nice stuff lol, like chocolate digestives, packets of wotsits etc etc the only difference I can see is the activity points, I was earning loads so I've decided...back in the gym hardcore as of tomorrow!!!

4 Nights a week MINIMUM!!!! I know that might sound a bit extreme but I've got to face facts, I have to lose an extreme amount and it's gonna take forever if the best I can do is 1.5lb a week (and that's a good week at the mo!)

So, starting back there with more dedication then ever tomorrow...BRING IT ONNNNNNN!!!!!! WoooooHooooo!! Come on Fatty - You can do it!!!

Muchas Loveage xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

2nd Silver 7 - Yes Pleeeeease!!! Wooohoooo!!

I've done it! 2nd Silver 7 so my first official stone off - I lost 4.5lb on my own before joining so it's actually 19lb for me but still I'm super chuffed to have lost another 1.5lb this week. But it's no time to be getting cocky, I still have a massive 4 stone to lose, a HUGE amount and I'm already starting to think my target is unrealistic...do I really want to be 8st 7lb?? We'll see I suppose, gonna take a while to even get close so will reassess the situation at 10st ish...lol.

Bill is currently running around with my "Stone" our leader gives us one of them little glass stone thingys, you're supposed to put it near your snacking cupboard/fridge etc and when you see it, it reminds you that you've lost a stone and in turn is supposed to make you think hmmm do I really want it?? But Bill seems to have taken quite a shine to it and it's now his treasure lol bless him :)

Anyway I'm off for yet another bath, my muscles...holy crapony are bleedin' killing me, I was sat funny for a few hours yesterday and OMG and I paying for it today :'(

Hope you all have a totally awesome week!

Love Love xx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I LOVE....My Job!!!

I know, I know...but I do! There's a whole lotta love going on on this blog I tell ya, first crumpets and now work!

Doesn't matter that I've just walked in when I should of been home at 2 cos I've got to cook a roast from scratch as we have our friends over.

Doesn't matter that my back feels like it's snapped in half from being hunched up and bent over whilst standing up for over 4 hours.

Doesn't matter that I've got ink all over myself AND my favourite shirt.

Doesn't matter that I have a raging headache from all the concentration.

Doesn't matter that I've had my face in close proximity to a sweaty mans armpit all afternoon.

What matters is that people trust ME to put MY art onto their skin and they will wear it with pride for the rest of their lives...How cool is that??!?!?! I flippin' 100% LOVE my job - F the money I say...I will never ever stop doing this - Ars Longa Vita Brevis my friends wooooohooooo!

I really really want to do some drawing but I have to go peel some potatoes, first roast in 9 weeks i'm gonna munch out big time as I have a period that is being super cruel and I just want to eat...all the time, anything will do just FEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEE!! lol **Shakes fist and screams "Damn you womb"** have WI tomorrow SP says gain...I'm gonna do my flippin' nut if I've gained!! I've typed this turbo cos i'm on an adrenaline rush from Tattooing haha so i'm sorry if there's loadsa typos and spelling mistakes :/ will update y'all tomorrow with the result from my WI :)

Have a fabulous weekend dudes, Muchas Loveage xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bit sad :'(

Mornin' all,

Woke up this morning in a bit of a sad mood really, don't really know why, think it's a few things getting me down at the momento.

Bill starting school in September is scaring the shit out of me, I don't want him to go...but I know he has to.

Being permanently skint is getting me down....we're now only 14 months away from Vegas, I need to get a job desperately but can't bear the thought of having to give up working at the Studio :'( it's sort of like winning the lotto and then realising that you're looking at last weeks ticket and you haven't won at all. I've tried for so long to get into this industry and now it looks like I'm gonna have to walk away...gutted is the only word that keeps popping in my head. I know that it's not going anywhere but it's not as if I'm 18 and have all the time in the world, I have SO much to learn it's unbelievable, and I don't just want to be average I want to be really good at my job and this is not helping.

I'm covered in spots, have no idea WTF that's all about, I've never suffered with spots really, not even when I was younger...had the odd one here and there but my face and chest looks like a teenager boys at the moment. It's only been since I started WW and it's getting worse. Will have to go to the doctors soon I think, hopefully they'll be able to give me something, tried Clearasil and if anything it made it worse!! Will try Freederm maybe, as heard that's good...will have to wait until I have a few more pennies though as not sure spending money on spot creams is the most sensible thing eh?!

I feel like a right selfish bitch today, just thinking how nice it would be if we could all go away together before Bill starts school in September, but never gonna be able to do it as I've had so much...what with Carries Hen Weekend in June and then I'm off to V Festival at the end of August. Don't get me wrong I could pull out, not so much out of the Hen Weekend because it wouldn't be fair on Dennie, but I could sell my V ticket and get a few bob - this is where the selfish bitch comes in cos to be hand on heart honest with you...I don't want to. I know that sounds awful, but I've wanted to go for so long and the line up is actually amazing! Stuck between a rock and a hard place. BUT...if I get a job, maybe we can all have a treat, I'll be able to afford for us all to go away. Just gonna keep looking and see what happens I think.

Postman still hasn't been, I hate that when you're waiting for something and it gets to a certain time and you get that sinking feeling lol he's not coming now I don't think, waiting for a medical card for Bill to finish off the paperwork needed to accept his place he's been offered at his school. Christ knows what happened to the original...not like me (Mrs OCD) to throw anything away...especially something so important, i'll probably find it next week when it's too bloody late! Never mind eh!?

Didn't end up going to Zumba, I decided the other day it would be a great idea to walk to ASDA and back didn't I?? Well my feet...OMG I had a blister the size of an egg...no yolk! (Sorry couldn't resist) so decided Zumba'in wasn't the best thing for them, defo gonna go next Monday though!

Right best go and get job hunting AGAIN lol had a crumpet and a pear for breakfast, resisting the urge to go and have a binge, it would make me feel better for about 5 mins, but then even worse when it comes to WI on sunday lol!

Hope y'all have a good day, and I promise I'll be in a better mood later :)

Lauren xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

Holla Ganstaaaaarrrrss

Is that a cheekbone and jawline I see!??!!?
Beginning of the night and already a bit squiffy!

Right well I'm weighing in tonight after the disappointment of my 0.5lb gain last week, If I have put on this week I am actually gonna go mental lol!

HOWEVER...NSV woop woop!! NSV is seen alot on the WW message boards and stands for Non Scale Victory...I had one of these Saturday night 2 hours before a taxi was arriving to take me out for my 2 bestest friends' birthday night out.

After spending 5 hours walking around Lakeside with the girls while they done their shopping (I'm seriously skint and decided to wear something from wardrobe) I came home and went to jump in the shower, dunno why but I thought ooooo just pop my dress on quick as not worn it for a month or so....OMG I didn't have to undo the zip it just slipped straight over me, I called Matt to come and have a look and he wet himself laughing....."You can't wear that love, you look ridiculous lol" Oh cheers Matt lol!!

Oh dear, I thought I was gonna have to race up to Bluewater, only 5 minutes away but I'd not seen anything in Lakeside that'd caught my eye so wasn't hopeful, as we got back to the car I asked Matt if he'd run me to ASDA quick, we got down there and I was running around like a blue arsed fly and there it was...a cute little prom dress! £16 a complete bargain and I loved it!! Running out of time I grabbed a size 16, tried it on super quick and then shot back home. It's a halterneck so had to wear my strapless bra which has no padding :'( put the dress back on and you know what lol I think I could of even got away with a 14!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something dreams are made of!!! hahaha So as much as I say i'll go bonkers if I haven't lost it's all defo going in the right direction so I'm a happy girl :) Matt however is now having to work ALOT to pay for all the new clothes I'm gonna have to start buying...ASDA here I come!

Right I gotta get myself'a moving cos this dinner ain't gonna cook itself unfortunately...hard life eh?! Will update weigh in bit later when I get home eeeeeekkk wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Mornin' all,

This keeps throwing a load of errors up so I dunno if it's gonna post ok or if it's gonna be a load of mumbo jumbo...will give it a go anyway cos I've just got to tell you about how much I bloody love crumpets! This is not a new found love...I've always loved them to be honest, but they are the one things that are keeping me relatively sane on my weight loss journey :) I have 2 in the morning with 2 teaspoons of I can't believe it's not butter light all for only 2.5 Points!!! Bloody Marvellous I say!!! Anyway enough of my crumpet love and on to something I never ever thought I'd hear myself say....I'm joining a class, full of strangers, on my own!!!


Heard about this "Zumba" a few times on the WW boards so thought I'd look into it a bit more, well it looks AMAZING!! Reminds me of when we went to Cuba, if this poor woman can teach me - the most uncoordinated, rhythm-less girl in the world it will be quite frankly a miracle!!

Tapped Zumba in Gravesend into Google, 1st of all I could only see classes in Medway and Maidstone so I was a bit gutted but then after a few minutes of reading properly I found one! I emailed the lady cos I have no idea about what you have to do (26 years old and completely clueless about pretty much EVERYTHING!) And she emailed me back almost straight away, she sounds lovely! Anyway 1st lesson is on Monday at 7pm and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement but excited at the same time lol. Anyway will let you know how I get on with that next week :)

Yesterday Saw the arrival of the long awaited table!!! Hooray!!! It was lovely all sitting up the table together, tele off and just concentrating on what we were doing. Matt didn't like it though, he asked if we can have the stereo on in the background cos it was weird with no noise lol I think it'll be ok cos we'll have things to talk about tonight we as last night we were all talked out by the time he'd built it lol!

Right Me and Bill are gonna have a little go on the Wii I think, I didn't go gym last night as didn't eat til late so have to put in a bit more effort tonight :) might check the timetable and see if I can go swimming afterwards maybe?

Muchas Loveage xxx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

P!ssed off!!!


Super pissed off!!! Been to WI and had a 1/2lb gain!?!?!? WTF?! Good as gold all week!! Not over points and gym twice where as the week before I lost 3.5lb and didn't go to the gym once!!!!

Gonna work so hard this week and get that 1/2 off and more hopefully....grrrr hate my body sometimes!!!

Never mind, gotta draw a line and forget about it now cos otherwise I'm gonna stuff my face, and realistically 1/2lb is nothing...I can poo more than 1/2lb, and it is my first gain since the start of WW so inevitable sooner or later I spose...tsk onwards and upwards!

Will let you know how this week pans out and all the dramas in between :)

Love Love xx