Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Missed WI :'(

Hey everybody,

Well...had a fab weekend away for Carries Hen do in Minehead, was struck down with a badass water infection on the Saturday so that got me down a bit :'( but still was a good weekend. Everyone looked mega in their Cavewoman outfits....I will try and upload a photo when Dennie puts them up on FB.

Came home on Sunday and was looking forward to going to WI yesterday (Mon) but it turned in to an absolute nightmare of a day when we went to look at a new car! We got stuck in a load of traffic and my water infection meant that of course I was busting for a wee...in between me screaming at Matt (because this situation was all his fault!) and crying cos of belly ache I looked at the time 7:25 and we're still in the deep dark depths of Essex! I had to stop at Bluewater for a wee and by this time had well and truly missed WI, not a happy girl! So...I could go to a Thursday night meeting but it's a different leader and I don't really want to do that so I'm going to leave it now until next Monday. Cor that Matt has got some making up to do!

So we get our new car tonight and we say goodbye to the Green Goddess, she's done well but I feel it's time to let her go. Although our new car is not technically new I'm gonna be dead nervous driving it....the GG is so old and battered it didn't really matter if i'd have a scrape...not that I ever have (except when I reversed into that wall :/ lol) but with this one it's all shiny lol! I'm sure I'll be alright after a couple of drives :D

Picked up Bill's photos from Nursery, OMG I really do think I have the most beautiful child in the world! Flippin' gorgeous!!

Anyhoooo I best be off, need to point what I've eaten so far so I can get back in the habit. Hopefully I'll have a nice big loss next Monday as will be 2 weeks worth. Probably get back to y'all before then though all being well.

Muchas Loveage xxxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

30.5lbs down!

Wow...I can't quite believe it! My grand total of lb's lost so far 30.5!!!! My next mini goal is to get my 50lb certificate - I know 19.5lb is not really a mini goal as it's obviously nearly 1 and a half stone and by no means is it gonna be easy. But that's what I've got my eye on now lol.

Ideally I'd like to try and shift a good few lb's before Bill goes up to big school, which is 11 weeks away, I'm going to try my absolute very best to get another stone off...hope I can do it, OR at the very least I'd like to be under 11 stone. OMG that sounds mental, under 11 stone!!!! 10 Stone something...wow lol!

Really should be getting us out in the sunshine but my TOTM is crippling me :'( I have to go to the gym tonight and do at least 35 mins of high intensity workout to balance my going over my points yesterday. Remember my post the other week about how hard 19 points is?? Well it also means that I can't really have a takeaway curry any more as the only one I really like works out 21.5 (including half a naan and a poppadum) and then you've obviously got Breakfast and Lunch points to go on top. I wasn't going to have it but Bill loves it and we share a tray of curry and rice but from now on I think I'll stick to Chicken Kebabs if I'm gonna have a takeaway!!

Right I'm rambling now so I'm gonna get up off my arse and get moving, laters potatas xx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Me and Vic :D

Well this is us in 40 years! lol We're **hang on a minute - watching the new Diana Vickers music video and the bloke in it is FIT!!!** Wowzers, sorry about that :/ beautiful, beautiful creature he is! We're???? Hmmm totally forgotten what I was gonna say lol

Vic has done some investigation work and found my blog, I feel like a proud mother lol. I'm a internet investigator/stalker call it what you want. Basically I use the net to find out interesting shit about people lol. Just to clarify this is a hobby not my actual job lol I just gave myself that title lol! But I must say I also feel a bit strange about her finding it lol dunno why just do...so I thought as she'll probably read this (unless of course she found the whole thing totally boring and never revisits) that I'd tell you all about her and what she means to me :)

Vic to me is....

My best friend...
One of the funniest girls I've ever met...
Extremely beautiful...
She's 27 and an Aries...
Very loyal...
Very clever...not so good at the punctuation and grammar but still very bright, she even has a degree!!!...
A realist...
A very good runner!!...
My new gym buddy...
A bride to be and is getting married in Las Vegas next year...
Always there when I need her...
A T.V addict...well not so much an addict but she loves certain programs and will not be disturbed whilst watching them lol...
Loves baths and reading in them...

So they're just a few things about Vicky that I love.

Anyway we've been going at it in the gym like hardcore machines! We've both learnt that we can run wooohooo and we do so in small intervals, 30 seconds here, 1 minute 18 seconds there...it all adds up! Vic totally loves the abdominal crunchy machine and goes like a wild thing on it, busting out 150 reps! I've found this new leg pushy weight machine and I quite like that, though have been warned by Vic that Dennie caused herself an injury on said machine last week so I'm to be wary.

Under 2 hours to WI and I can not freakin' wait!!!!!! Even if it's not the result I'm hoping for (complete lie) I know that I'm bound to be rewarded for my efforts at the gym next week. I put on 1/2 a lb last week so it's very important for me to get that off at least. I will update Weigh in's so far when I get home as well as find my Pet Hates post as that seems to have gone walkabouts.

Think that will be it for blogging this week as I have quite a busy week, Nan's funeral Wednesday and I'm off on Carries hen do on friday but if I can get back to update I will :D

Muchas Loveage, take care of yourselves xxx
and Vic...I love you, more than you could ever know, thank you for always being there for me. xxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

19 points is tough!!!

Hi ya's,

Just thought I'd update ya quick, not a lot to report accept from me being blimmin' hungry :'( I'm 11st 13lb and 2 weigh in's ago dropped down into the 11 stone bracket and therefore dropped a point.

19 points does not go far when you don't like Veg!! Normally I think I'd be ok as I'd get some activity points, but where i've not been to the gym recently, I'm struggling...badly lol!

I know this could probably be remedied by planning my meals better, but I'm full of cold and can't be arsed lol. Pretty much everyday I'm rolling in between 3 and 5 points over!! Managing to correct it by the end of the week but still, it's stressing me out!

Looking forward to WI as always, although it's ages away lol hoping I can get off the 0.5lb I gained last week, maybe a bit more. Though if my little going over points shenanigans continue I doubt that very much! It normally takes a week and a bit for my efforts at the gym to be appreciated on the scales too so don't hold out much hope if I'm honest :/ we'll see, no point fretting about it now eh?!

Me and Vic are hitting the gym hardcore tonight, even though I feel like crap. I hope I feel a bit better by tomorrow as have work in the afternoon :D don't think i've got anything booked it but I'm flat out Saturday so it'll give me a chance to get all my artwork ready.

Right I'm off to get some more paracetamol and get changed into my gym stuff, need to get some new joggers as my ones are huge on me now! Good times :)

Catch you laters potatas, Loz xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Well I never!

Well...had my first trip to the gym after a 2 week break, for those of you that don't know I had a rather unfortunate incident with a Bucking Bronco whilst completely wrecked and managed to almost cripple myself :/ I'm still not 100% right but I feel ok enough to start back gently :D

The gym has been promising to open up the "New and Exciting £1.2 million Gymnasium" for months and tonight, when I'm there on my own and totally unprepared...it's open!! I didn't know where the hell I was going, could hardly remember a thing the man had taught me in my induction and wandered around a bit like a fart in a trance lol! Anyhoooo it was TOUGH!! Who'd of thought just a couple of weeks would make such a difference, I was sweating and swearing all over the place!

Got this cool new "SmartCard" basically a new membership card that you pop into each machine - these fancy new machines have Freeview built in!! How exciting?!?! Sorry...back to the SmartCard, yeah you pop the card in and it brings up a personal programme just for you. It records and tracks your progress and they email you every week with the results of your workouts. Bloody amazing I think!!! And the new bit smells well nice...smells like new carpet :D wonder how long it takes before it starts to smell like an old foot??

I'm back there again tomorrow, I'm gonna try and look cool tomorrow and not like a complete rocket like I did tonight lol!

Bill didn't go to nursery this morning, we both felt like shit :( my throat is killing and he's full of cold...AGAIN!! I swear that boy has little to no immune system! But he's going tomorrow instead, they have a photographer coming so it'll be his first set of school (well nursery but you know) photos...how cute!? He's gonna love it, the little poser loves having his photo taken lol dunno where he gets that from!

Right I best get out of here, watching Michael McIntyre Live and Laughing on Comedy Central and I need to calm down cos I'm actually laughing out really really loud!! I really should be getting to bed as up at the crack of dawn for nursery but never mind.

Speak soon everybody, take care and be awesome to each other xx Loz xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Not that bad :/

Well...back from WI, and only gained 0.5lb! Not been gym for 2 weeks due to my groin and back problem (drunken fool) and unstoppable comfort eating so I expected more. And I feel massive too so can't believe I've only gained that! Probably all catch up with me next week.

Want to take this opportunity to say Thank you again to Lexie for the kind messages I received this week. It's not gone unnoticed and I really do appreciate how lovely you are, so thank you :D

Also a thank you to Matt, Bill and my best friends for being so good when I'm a snappy, nasty bitch. I'm still very confused about how I feel at the mo. It's one of 2 things...It's either not sunk in yet..OR..I've got tough and this is it, no more tears?? If that's the case, who'd of funked it?! Me, Lauren...who crys at adverts, who crys everytime I go to Pets at Home, the same girl that broke down in the middle of ASDA when Brighteyes was played?! Who knows.

Anyway, had a good day yesterday I took my Dad down to work and tattooed him for a few hours, it still needs a bit of work but it's ok for now :D he sat like a rock!! Wish all my customers were as good lol! Have attached a picture but it's a very bad quality phone picture so I'm sorry about that, it looks much better in the flesh so to speak lol! It was a special day though in all seriousness, I've never tattooed my Dad before and we had a bit of a Father/Daughter bonding I think. He had a few tears while we were talking about my Nan and stuff...well I hope it was tears over that and not me hurting him!! Will explain the meaning behind the tattoo another day xx

Anyway have come home from WI and eaten AGAIN!! But am back at the gym tomorrow and that's it ________________________________________________

Line drawn. Starting afresh from tomorrow :D

Right I gotta go sleeps cos i'm falling asleep lol sorry if this has loads of spelling and grammar mistakes i'm so tired my brain is frazzled lol!

Muchas Loveage xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well after doing so well getting better, my Nan took another turn for the worse and went back into Intensive Care. This afternoon she passed away while I was at her bedside with my Mum and Dad and my Auntie, I keep on crying :'( can't stop in fact. Nor can I seem to stop eating, not bothered to be honest though.

Had a long old walk out tonight, was walking for around an hour and a half roughly. Had to get out of the house after an incident with a tube of tomato puree nearly pushed me over the edge lol! Matt's being ever so good bless him, I love him so so much and Bill's taking it all in his stride after I've explained that Mummy's sad and crying cos Nanny Lil's gone to heaven, apparently according to Bill she's going to be chilling out with Nanny Mary lol bless him!

My back is still feeling sore and tight so gonna try and attempt a tiny bit at the gym tomorrow, I haven't been for over a week and a half now..naughty naughty!! Though Matt's understanding that I've had other things on my mind and going to and fro the hospital I've not really had the time. Although I definitely need to step up the exercise as my loss of 1lb this week was less than impressive! Hopefully if I get back to the gym it might lead to a better loss next week.

Right gonna get myself off to bed, probably won't sleep but have to give it a go...just wanna say one more thing - mainly to raise awareness, my Nan died from a condition that arose from her contracting Hepatitis whilst on holiday that f'ed her liver up. Exactly how she contracted it we'll never be sure...Ice, Salad washed in tap water...who knows? However.... If she had had the correct inoculations this more than likely could of been prevented. When you book a holiday you're advised by your Travel Consultant to check with your GP as to what vaccinations you should have - PLEASE, PLEASE do this, I know I for one am guilty of only making sure they're up to date when I'm going long haul. I'm sure my Nan probably thought "it's only Turkey, I'll be ok" turned out not to be ok at all.

I never ever want to have to see another person I love die in front of my eyes, I know everybody has to go sooner or later but would prefer it to be later...and with as little pain and suffering as humanly possible. To be honest I'm not sure the whole thing has sunk in yet. Thank you to all of you that have had us in your thoughts. It means ever so much.

Will update on Monday with my WI result, not sure if I'll get to you before then, will have to wait and see what my mood is like I think.

Be awesome to each other and remember life is too short...too short to spend these..the best days of our lives putting our health in danger by being over weight - more determined than ever to get this weight off!!

Lots of Love, Lauren xxxxx

R.I.P Nan, Love you forever Little Lady xxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Not very exciting I'm afraid

Hi ya's,

Just back from weigh in, lost 1lb :/ not sure how I feel about it really. Not sure about anything at the moment.

Think I best leave it there for today and try and be a better blogger tomoz...sorry everybody.

Loz xx