Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hair?! What to do...what to do!? Went from dark to blonde, found the roots all too much so now a reddy brownish colour but only had it done a week and a half and my greys are already showing through!!!

Think I want to go back to blue/black, I like it dark it's only the pesky greys that ruin it for me! Or shall I go completely crazy and have a funky colour again!? Ohhh I dunno!

Had my weekly weigh in last night and so chuffed I lost 3.5lb!!! Not been to the gym at all last week as felt a bit shit and wasn't really in the mood, but on it hardcore tomoz for sure :) feel so motivated, not felt like this for years, and Matt is loving the new me, I'm changing shape so much even tho I'm no where near target. I'm starting to imagine how good i'm gonna look and how great i'm gonna feel when I do eventually get there....not having to worry about what I'm gonna wear cos everything looks terrible, being able to shop in the trendy shops like all my friends...I can not wait!!

Off to bed as been to work today and gave the studio a stupidly deep clean (OCD much?!) and i'm shattered!

Love Love xxx

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