Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Righty O here goes my list of things that I hate, I can only think of a few at the moment..unusual for me as I'm normally moaning about something or other lol. Will update as and when I remember things that piss me off.

  1. People who refer to themselves as a 3rd person.
  2. People that refuse to use these little things we have called manners
  3. People who talk to you with their eyes shut.
  4. People that are awkward on the phone...it's a phone FUCKING TALK!
  5. People hitting their kids or being unduly aggressive to their kids in front of me, don't do it or I'm likely to say something not very nice to you. People that bully their kids should give them to someone that will love and cherish them and not treat them like shit.
  6. People that tell ME how I feel.
  7. Shit actresses/actors. - Especially Rai from Hollyoaks.
  8. A few songs make me want to scream - Angels by Robbie Williams, Red Red Wine..infact anything by UB40. Oh What a night - don't know who sings this but it's shit and it makes me mad.
  9. People that are pretending to listen to what you're saying but you can see that it's going in one ear and out the other - if what I'm saying is of no interest to you I'd much rather you just say.
Think that's enough hating for now lol

Lovage xx

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