Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Holla Ganstaaaaarrrrss

Is that a cheekbone and jawline I see!??!!?
Beginning of the night and already a bit squiffy!

Right well I'm weighing in tonight after the disappointment of my 0.5lb gain last week, If I have put on this week I am actually gonna go mental lol!

HOWEVER...NSV woop woop!! NSV is seen alot on the WW message boards and stands for Non Scale Victory...I had one of these Saturday night 2 hours before a taxi was arriving to take me out for my 2 bestest friends' birthday night out.

After spending 5 hours walking around Lakeside with the girls while they done their shopping (I'm seriously skint and decided to wear something from wardrobe) I came home and went to jump in the shower, dunno why but I thought ooooo just pop my dress on quick as not worn it for a month or so....OMG I didn't have to undo the zip it just slipped straight over me, I called Matt to come and have a look and he wet himself laughing....."You can't wear that love, you look ridiculous lol" Oh cheers Matt lol!!

Oh dear, I thought I was gonna have to race up to Bluewater, only 5 minutes away but I'd not seen anything in Lakeside that'd caught my eye so wasn't hopeful, as we got back to the car I asked Matt if he'd run me to ASDA quick, we got down there and I was running around like a blue arsed fly and there it was...a cute little prom dress! £16 a complete bargain and I loved it!! Running out of time I grabbed a size 16, tried it on super quick and then shot back home. It's a halterneck so had to wear my strapless bra which has no padding :'( put the dress back on and you know what lol I think I could of even got away with a 14!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something dreams are made of!!! hahaha So as much as I say i'll go bonkers if I haven't lost it's all defo going in the right direction so I'm a happy girl :) Matt however is now having to work ALOT to pay for all the new clothes I'm gonna have to start buying...ASDA here I come!

Right I gotta get myself'a moving cos this dinner ain't gonna cook itself unfortunately...hard life eh?! Will update weigh in bit later when I get home eeeeeekkk wish me luck!!


  1. The dress looks fantastic. you know what i'll be doing next time Ii'm in asda ;)
    Good luck for your wi!!!!

  2. Thanks loads Cheryl :) lost the 0.5lb that I put on last week, would of liked a bit more but hey ho...maybe next week lol x

    And yes ASDA is my saviour, will never moan about a wobbly wheel on a trolly again! lol!

    Lauren xx

  3. I love this dress! Almost bought it last week but the bubble hem in a size 22 was not flatering in any way. Looks great on you though!