Me 13st 13lb

Me 13st 13lb
August 2009 very unflattering picture as day 3 of camping...messy hair and no make up but good picture in the respect that I'm not hiding behind somebody or breathing in lol!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life forrrr meeee and I'm feellling good!

Righty o - firstly thank you to everybody that wished my little old Nan better cos it absolutely blimming worked!!! She's still in Intensive Care but is on the mend and even sat up and spoke, she only managed to mutter "Val get me the f*** out of here" lol bless her. So yeah thank you, means so very much that people are so kind :D

Right just had the old Weigh In....FABULOUS NEWS!!!!! 4lb off, gave me my 10% and got me under 12 stone for oh my god..I don't even know the last time I weighed in under 12st!!! I'm so happy. Also got my 3rd Silver 7 (although I've actually lost 27.5lb as lost 4.5lb on my own before I joined) Had a massive, massive blow out last night, have pointed it all and I ended up 10 points over for the week but because it is my WI today it's reset :/ so not sure what to do with that?!

I've really hurt my back, can hardly move today and was nearly in tears walking up Vic's stairs to the flat, stupid drunk me on a Buckin' bronco....I have seriously F'ed myself up! Won't be doing that again! Anyways I'm off to go and put my 10% keyring on my keys...GEEK! lol

Catch you laters potatas :D Loveage xx


  1. Just catching up a few days late... Really pleased to hear of your Nan's improvement, and hope she's well on the way back to good health now.
    Massive congratulations on your great 4lb loss, and hope your back has improved too! Drunk on a bucking bronco? Yah, I guess I'd have to be drunk to get on one too. lol

  2. Thank you so much, Nan is doing much better :) still in ICU but hopefully going back to a normal ward in the next few days.

    Oooo the bucking bronco was indeed not one of my finest moments lol! I really should know better as I need to keep my back in tip top condition for work and I had to turn work away yesterday...lesson well and truly learnt lol!

    Thank you again so very much, you're very kind :) xx